• Beautiful home décor with plants

Each different type of vegetation in the beautiful décor will appear posture and different styles. For example there are plants with pretty adorable look, with plants primitive rustic look, with plants look enthusiastic liberal, whereas plants look simple, elegant. So when choosing plants, in addition to the owner’s interests, also need to consider the temperament of plants varies with the style of the house, if not, the plants will not be selected to do with housewares and would be counterproductive.

Such palm-style suits with bold breath countryside, small leaves and twigs vegetation drooping makes people feel like being in the garden, in collaboration with fabric flowers and soft can create feelings warm. On the other hand, plants with delicate features such as yucca, spiritual spread style suit modern minimalist style.

  • Beautiful home décor with curtains

In the beautiful décor, window curtain is an important factor in creating beautiful environments and homes. Designs and different colors of the bedroom window curtains can create an atmosphere different homes, the bedroom window blinds can choose the style of the window. Monitoring floor window fabric art and cheesecloth makes bedroom looks warmer, if the light is not good cover, you can do an additional layer of light fabric cover.

Windows should choose products minimizing window decorations, which will make the room elegant atmosphere. Choosing design scope and its color is quite large, and very comprehensive functions, may light shading, insulation, sound insulation.

  • Beautiful home décor with lighting system

Installation of lighting system is a secret in the beautiful decor of the interior. You can choose mellow brightness and white incandescent lighting for baths and body hygiene. Besides you must install independent lighting to supplement locally. Local lighting in the mirror can choose some lamps to increase warm, spacious and fresh as fluorescent lamps.

Flower-black, darkness will certainly not be beautiful, so at night, if you want to relax in the rooftop garden, you need to have the help of warm light. Hanging a large bulb is an outdated way and would ruin the romantic atmosphere. Instead, the floor lamp in flower beds or lamps beside stone road small or medium lighting can create a romantic atmosphere.

Many sample rooms and gorgeous living space with beautiful home decor will bring creative fun experience for journey to find your ideal home. We hope that this sharing will be useful for you.


Electric smokeless grill Panasonic HD-889 is manufactured according to advanced technology venture in Taiwan. It is made up of two main parts.  Kitchen with large capacity: 2000W with 6 modes adjust different temperature, you can adjust many different power levels suitable for the user.

The machine is made of steel with exterior insulation coated steel layer nonstick 1mm 1 helps food like meat, fish, shrimp, vegetables, … are not rubbing the grill. And it is totally easy for scouring after use.


Today the use of kitchen appliances in stainless steel Lingo has increasingly more common, because these instruments are often made of stainless steel that has shiny appearance, so users always feel clean and peace of mind when used during cooking and dining. Because of this reason that in the process we also need to purchase very carefully to avoid buying poor quality goods.

  1. Choosing to buy a microwave

On the market today there are many different kinds of ovens, but how to choose a microwave oven that fit price, features, capacity and capacity utilization is not simple.

Microwave equipment is quite common in modern home; it not only helps reheat or defrost food but also saves cooking time effectively. In particular, families with young children, the simple cooking or heating milk, porridge, flour. The microwave will be more convenient for the mother. There are 2 types of ovens:

There are 2 types of ovens microwaves are mechanic ovens and electronic ovens

Mechanic microwave uses the knob to adjust the power and time, this kind of oven less featured and easy to use, suitable for the elderly and families with small children.

Electronic microwave display surface of the function automatically controls the cooking program when you choose the time, capacity or foods. This type of incinerator complex to use but has many features, suitable for families with various cooking needs.

Currently on the market, there is a kind microwave combined grill function, but this is only secondary function, high efficiency not grilled, but if used in the family, the choice is more functional reactors because of it is very convenient but remember to read the directions carefully before use.

Microwave combining with grill function will help to enrich your family meal and bring the happy time to every member of the family.

Steps to buy:

Learn information: before buying a microwave you go online reference information on price, brand, category, power consumption or the volume of use to choose accordingly.

Find out information before purchasing oven to understand information before choosing to buy a microwave

Identify cost: there are many types of ovens with different prices, so before you buy you should set the cost limit for being confused, wondering before hundreds of products furnished.

Cost planning will avoid confusion when buying. Planning before purchasing will help you to avoid embarrassment when buying

Features: You should consider the demand of the family to buy appropriate plan. If only for domestic use, you should choose a microwave with grill function, it will be very convenient when you organize a small party, space-saving kitchen and enrich family meals.

Microwave saves your time cooking and your effort too

Capacity fit: choose devices with appropriate capacity and appropriate cooking mode will help you save energy. Furnaces have greater capacity, higher capacity, more power consuming. To select the appropriate capacity oven you should consider the number of members in the family. Popular is the 17 liter microwave oven, 20 liter, 23 liter and 28 liter capacity 600-1.500W. If you have family members should be selected from 4-5 the furnace with the capacity of 20-23 liters (capacity 800-1000W). If a professional cook, can choose one that has a larger capacity; the type 17 liters is suited only for families with few members.

Select the power, capacity, functional fit user needs

Some notes for purchasing

When buying a microwave, many families often prefer to choose a stainless steel furnace shell for durable and shiny look it, but reality often leave shells blurriness hard to clean and prone to rust. For this type of bark powder coating ovens are capable of good heat resistance, durability and variety of colors to choose from.

Also, when buying a microwave you also need to consider other characteristics as well as important: the control panel, touchscreen, knob, safety lock feature (essential for families with small children)

– Use the magnet test marbles, snuffle kind is brewing much iron, poor quality, very quickly rust.

– Buy stamps, label manufacturers, with product warranty.

– Stainless steel used for cooking should choose a symbol 304, stainless steel products used for cooking should not choose 430. When shopping, ask the seller to recommend the right type.

– With 2-3 layers thick bottom to snap onto the bottom without echoes, even thin bottom will create a louder sound. Some manufacturers make products but create a thin stainless steel plating on the bottom layer to silencer.

All above is some instruction about purchasing some smart furniture for you beloved kitchen. If you can take advantage of them, it will take you less time to prepare meal for your family and bring more diverse dishes. However, you have to consider carefully before purchasing because now there are a lot of types in the market with the diverse in size, price and function. We hope that this post is helpful for you.

Besides the design trend of European style, Asian style décor is as well as popular in modern home design. Check out 6 impressive home decoration in oriental style below.

Here are some ways to design and decorate the house in oriental style characterized by Chinese architecture with basic materials such as bamboo, ceramic, objects, colors and light reflected culture of the Orient.

  1. Lay Buddhist statue is part of the cultural features of Asia, formed from the 5th century BC. That is why many of the architectural design of the East displays indoor statue. Buddhist statue in the presentation is a great way to create oriental architecture in housing. However, whether you have to be a Buddhist or not, you should still understand clearly some certain rules must be respected when you want to display in Buddha house.
  2. Use decorations from ceramic materials, bamboo mat and bamboo blinds. Pottery, bamboo mat and bamboo blinds are the following items of Asians life from ancient and widely used in Asian countries. In addition, the objects themselves are also decorative beauty exudes gentle, elegant as the main character of the East. This layout objects in the house, you need a subtle eye, knowledge about Eastern culture to arrange things together harmonious.
  3. Combining paintings, statues and lighting design to create rooms in Asian style, craigslist Yorokobi on HGTV architecture combines warm yellow color paintings and statues carved stone Buddha statue. Despite the use of furniture and other modern electrical equipment, the items selected on the principle of simple, elegant with deep brown color, cream, green pineapple should not affect space under sharp oriental room.
  4. Hanging silk painting is wildly used. Silk paintings are part of home decoration characteristic of the East. Silk paintings existed in Chinese culture, Japan and some other Eastern countries. Techniques of silk painting canvases Japanese people very nicely and it has begun to surface in the West in the early 20th century. Today, forms of home decorating with silk painting remains strong and promotes its strong capability in creating Asian style of housing. In the modern design style, you can combine the use of some antiques, mural or decal with silk painting creates an intimate relationship created specifically for the space style.
  5. Making bamboo wall is very unique. Bamboo wall brings nature and cool to room space. Also, the straight bamboo stick and put together can bring a modern flair and no different color and beauty of Western furniture. Combining space with bamboo walls and other decorations like statues, bamboo really helps room impressive traits of Asian style.
  6. Create a space accents. Like with any design style other living space, a space must have accents. The highlight could be the tea table, paintings or mosaics on the walls or hanging painting. In Eastern culture, red symbolizes power, emotion and passion. This dark color is the symbol of the sun and energy-related life. Therefore, red is frequently used to create accents for Asian space.

Cocktail is an art in bar. And of course how to make a cocktail according to available recipe can not be as easy as it appears. Following the recipe is the best way to get success but sometimes you need more skills to be a good home bartender. The following will guide you how to make and serve a perfect cocktail at home to offer to your guests. However, during your making, you can invent of any other ways to suit your own and your guest taste and preference. It is no limit in this case.

A proper amount of alcohol should be used: You should be keen on the components of the cocktail, you can make it a little bit different by changing the ratio of alcohol drink but you must be keep the balance otherwise you can create a gross injustice. You can be in the case of making your cocktail too strong and even undrinkable.

Pay attention to your guest: You should know your favorite taste of your guest. You can remove some elements if your guest do not like rather than be loyal to the recipe which your guest will not willing to drink.

Use the garnish: Garnish is the element which can help to dress up the cocktail because of its coloring and flavoring but you should control the ratio added in. You can also use the oils to flame the cocktail. In some party, they use garnish as a snack before or after finishing the cocktail.

Ice: You know that your cocktail could not be perfect without ice. However, there can be several kinds of ices which can be added such as crushed ice, large cubes or small cubes ice or large spheres, etc. Of course, each kind of ice will work well in different kind of cocktail. The ice aims to cool the cocktail and dilute the drink depending on its shape. Ice can work as a balancing agent which will contribute to the best flavor cocktail.

Use of herb: You can use herb as ingredient or decorative item. Herd can help to keep the balance of the drinks. But how much you can use herb in a cocktail is rather a matter. If you add too many herbs then you can feel it like a vegetable dish or salad rather than a cocktail.

Use the correct glassware: You know that each kind of glassware will be used for specific purpose. The shape and design of a glass will decide the type of beverage you are drinking, especially when it comes to drinking cocktails.  Remember to use a clean and fresh glass otherwise you can not observe the natural color and flavor of the cocktail.

Use bitters: Some people may hate bitter agent but you can not make a Manhattan without Angustura. You can use some other modifying agents to balance the bitters but bitters are known to add a level of flavor that the cocktail drink will require.


When it comes to drink, cocktail should not be forgotten in the list. Today, cocktail is very popular in any kinds of parties and get-together. Actually, cocktails takes its history from the popularity of bar. And the main drink in menu bar should be cocktail, which is considered as an iced drink or distilled liquid mixed with flavor ingredient.

Cocktail contains its main ingredient: alcohol drink. People in cocktail culture call it the base or the principal ingredient for any kind of cocktail. The typical alcohol drink used in a cup of cocktail elsewhere can be rum, gin and whiskey. According to a cocktail maker, alcohol drink will account for 75 percent of the total volume of the cup of cocktail before you add ice into it. In order to make the cocktail different and reduce the strong flavor of the base you are going to use some modifying agents.

This is the ingredient which can give the cocktail its own character which can somehow be reflected through its name. It can soften the raw alcohol taste and enhance the natural flavor of the cocktail. There can be plenty of modifying agents such as aromatic wines, fruit juice, sugar, egg or cream. The last ingredient which can be added is the some special flavoring and coloring agents for example some kinds of syrups, liqueurs. It can create the good smell and attractive color for the cocktail drink.

Cocktail can be divided into 2 categories: aromatic type and sour type. A cocktail of the aromatic type will be the one which contains modifying agents of bitter or aromatic wine. A cocktail with sour type will be the one which made of by fruit juice, normally lemon and lime and sugar added. Of course, each kind of agents will have its separating ratio to mix into a complete cocktail but regardless of the ratio it can be added the categories of the cocktail will depend much on the elements added in. Once the basic components of each type of drink is understood then a new cocktails can be created by alternating a different base or modifying agent or by adding some different flavoring or coloring agent.

Actually, there are 6 basic cocktail drinks, namely, the Daiquiri, the Jack Rose, the Manhattan, the Martini, the Old Fashioned, the Sidecar. To make it into details, the Daiquiri will be contained of white Cuban rum, lime juice, simple syrup according to ratio 8:2:1. A mixture will be shaking with lots of crushed ice. The Jack Rose will have 80% of Applejack; 20% lemon juice and 10% of Grenadine. The Manhattan will be stirred with ice, served with a cherry flavor while its main components will have American whiskey, vermouth and Angostura bitters. The Martini is only made of gin and vermouth. Like others, it will be better if served with ice. Old Fashioned is the kind which will contain American whiskey, simple syrup and a dash Angostura bitters. Sidecar is the last one which will have Cognac or Armagnac, lemon juice and Cointreau or triple sec.


People may not used to talk about how to choose a normal chair, but for a video gaming chair, it will take more time for some special people to talk about. A normal chair will be chosen depending largely on personal preference while the video gaming chair will be purchased based on the space and style of the cyber game café and its customer’s preference. However, besides the owner choice and comfort, it’s also crucial to pay attention to what types of games the player will play. Among many other factors impacted, comfort is key when choosing a best video gaming chair.

There can be several styles of video gaming chair which can be listed below:

Gaming Rockers: this is the style which will provide one part rocking chair and one part gaming control center. When customer kick butt, the gaming rockers are the perfect choice. The gaming rockers are designed under the L-shaped. The seat of the chair will rest directly on the floor. While the arch of the rocker will allow you to gently rock while sitting. Most importantly, this kind of gaming chair will let you sit as close as possible to the screen. It is suitable for large cyber game café.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs: If your customers play game and would like to seat a bit higher off the ground, a pedestal gaming chair is the choice. This kind is quite the same to traditional seating options which will give you a straight shot at your screen and a very obvious view of what you are playing.

- Gaming Racing Chairs: You can experience as if you were real driving in the game if you are going to use the gaming racing chair. If your shop provides this kind of game then purchasing this kind of chair is your only choice if you would like to increase your customers’ feeling. A gaming racing chair will be installed with a pair of pedals and wheels which can help to offer a real feeling experience, you can feel the real steering onscreen. It is suitable for any kinds of racing and fighting games. It has hands-on driving tools so you can feel the perfect fit.

System compatibility can be a factor which you have to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a video gaming chair. It does not connect to the comfort of the chair but it is the ability of the chair to connect to the gaming system that your shop is going to offer. Normally, most gaming chairs will be equipped with headrest speakers. It will let your customer to turn the gaming chair into a sound system to experience during the game. There can be audio input and output ports of the gaming chair connecting to the TV’s cable input. You have to make sure that your shop audio system will be connected well.

There are also other factors you have to bear in mind when you choose the best video gaming chair for your shop.

– Material of the gaming chair: Of course, like other furniture, the gaming chair will come in a variety of materials. It can be made of cloth, vinyl, mesh or polyurethane. The fabric you will choose for your gaming chair will depend on personal choice. Which material you may think if the best for your customer should be the chosen one, but mesh can be the one which can keep your customers cooler because of its features allowing the air to go in and out easily. A vinyl and polyurethane gaming chair can be wiped and cleaned easier.

– Storage conditions and methods: You may think of the time in the future when you change your gaming system and you need other kinds of chair, you will have to store the current ones, meaning the ones you are going to buy at this time. Storage conditions and methods is quite important to ensure that it will not take your great time and effort as well as can protect the chair well in off season.

– Cushion: In order to make your gaming chair more attractive to the customers you can think of purchasing some accessories such as chair cushion. Some gaming chair will offer a cushioned seat meaning cushion feature will be installed in the chair before selling to you. You can think of having some valued added service with some extra money depending on your customers’ preference and your quality of service.

– Armrest of the gaming chair: If you chose the gaming chair having an armrest then you should take care of some matters. The armrest should be adjusted therefore customers can feel the comfort in changing the way the hand should be positioned during playing game. In case you do not need an armrest then it can be moved out easily.

– Space saving: this matter is quite important because gaming chair of course will take up more floor area than normal one. You can think of the options which can be fold up to save space if your cyber game shop is small. By the way, the fold-up gaming chair can make you easy to move it out of the way when you are not in the game mode just for café only in some case.

– Vibration: If you would like to bring to your customer a real feeling of the game such as vibrating sense then a gaming chair with vibrating feature is your to-be choice.


You are going to feel the problem with your living room but you find it hard to identify the case. How can you improve the situation? Does it work if you change the arrangement, purchase of new furniture and so on? Do you have ever thought of having one thing to enhance the case? The following house items can help you to find the answer.

Storage furniture

Is your living room messy? Not because of your arrangement but the tiny stuff sticking everywhere, it is advisable that you should have storage furniture to keep all those things. Storage furniture now can be a good organizer and seating. Some extra books and bills will be kept tidily in a nice basket as an example. This kind of furniture is very easy to move also.

Multifunctional tables

Multifunctional table is a smart choice for space-saving and good alternative for solid table. Its parts can be grouped together to make a large table or holding surface but can be hold up for other purposes. Your living room will be more mobile and flexible with this kind of furniture. To make them a nice decoration you can choose the texture one.

Extra chair

You should not be keen on the idea that sofa must have accompanies chairs. Extra chairs can make your living room a different view. By this way you can add more color and style to the sofa and make it your own preference compared to the same one designed in the shop you buy.

Seating Rug

You can add to your chair a style by decorating a rug, a piece of cloth for seating on. But you should know how to create the color impression among sofa, chair and the rug, for example a black sofa or a yellow armchair will immediately stand out when it is accompanied with the zigzag pattern of the rug. There are tons of eye-catching rug for decoration found in the market out there.

Round mirror

Normally, owner will use rectangle mirror for the living room but why do you think of a round mirror? Different shape can bring new feeling and emotion. A mirror can be decorated by a antiqued or modern frame which will try to command the eye. This kind of mirror will be better when hang above the sofa or fireplace with the purpose of reflecting light and making your room look larger.

Crystal stuff

Stuff made by crystal always creates the feeling of luxury and shining. A crystal table lamp can be the focal point for the living room. You can have a set of crystal glasses or vase of flowers, it is up to your choice but at least have stuff made by this material to brighten your living room.

A Tray

A tray is a very commonly used stuff for family, it can be used for many kinds of tasks, particularly holding and displaying. A lacquer tray for holding candles, vases, and bowls will make them look organized and clean. But do not try to arrange so many styles of trays in one place as it will create the mess.

A terrarium of plants

There is a tendency in decoration that plants will be grown in the terrarium to make it more artist and attractive for the view. You have to choose some kinds of plants or flowers which can be able to live inside the glass box, a dominated one will be a cacti they look good and easy to feed.

Throw and pillow

They are pair of decoration items for sofa, a throw blankets will make your living room more perfect. You can choose the cotton throw which you can fold it for a sofa or in other case you can drape over an armchair.

Pillow is a partner of the sofa. Having a pillow is the easiest way to freshen up your living room and to live up its attraction. Inspiring your living room with a set of colorful or vignette pattern pillow. You can equip several set of coverings to change according to season and kinds of weather. The number of pillows can affect to the overall look then try to calculate the number so appropriately with the length and size of the sofa.

What will be the right time to rearrange your bedroom? Many owners are asking themselves with this seem to be simply question. It could be the transition of the season, different type of weather can make you start your rearrangement to adapt with new weather. Or you have just looked through some where new design for the bedroom. Despite the reason, change to your bedroom can be done anytime provided that it makes you satisfied and comfortable in your own private space.

  1. Bed room accessories

If you change your bedroom when the new season comes, you will have to store your heavy winter blankets and bedding in the closets or the attic. However, for some items that you have to use all year round such as a pillow coverings or throw blankets, you should find a place in your bedroom to store them. You can store them in a basket, or a drawer underneath the bed if you can equip a multifunctional bed or in your wardrobe. The tidier place you can store them, the more convenient and the better you can feel.

Sometimes, there are too many things inside and you need to hide to free the view, curtain work out well in this case. But it does not mean that you should use them or can use them to hide a big mess of items and stuffs. You still need to organize the mess rather than hiding them, but curtain can help in some special way such as covering your bad view of the corner, a hole or crash in the walls and so on.

  1. Your bed

People now have the tendency to decorate their own bed to make their impression for the bedroom, of course, this is a clever idea as bed will get highest attention for this space. The bed now is well designed especially for the leg of the bed. They are well decorated with many kinds of styles, for example, can be added a drawers, can be designed as a big sofa, can be painted with images, can be illustrated like a big car. It is up to the owner’s preference to decide which kinds of bed decoration can suit them.

The space underneath the bed is well made use of now for storing things year over year. You can have some choices having the drawers underneath or arranging some boxes or storage bags for your clothes, bedding, and more.

Some even try to place the bed in the center of the room, meaning no idea of bed is to stick to the wall. You can walk around your bed if you position like this.

  1. A shelf

If you don’t have large floor space, you should think of a shelf. You can try to arrange a shelf to hold things in the bedroom. The shelf can be inside the wall or outside it is up to your bedroom design. It can be good place to store home accessories or your make-up stuff. For the kid bedroom it can be used to store toys and books.


When you are in the selection of a garage door, the following factor should be taken into consideration: appearance, material, construction and solution of operation, meaning it can be manually or automatically operated. Currently, a garage doors are either tilt-up or sectional roll-up. The design can be with flush, raised panel or panel design recession. Of course, when you purchase, you will base on your budget, the design, size and the structure of your garage.

In order to ensure the safety the garage door is designed with the mechanism which will try to reverse the door in case there is an obstacle during closing and opening, opening with key chains or with security codes and electronic openers. The electronic opener will be connected to the electricity of the whole house and can be shared with other openers of other device. This kind of connection is used for a very high quality and modern house equipment. For more detailed, you can visit the best garage door openers, by click here.

One of the disadvantages of the electronic garage door opener is that it only can work with power meaning it is unable to open during a power outage. To solve the case, manufacturers have install a device so called an emergency release kit which will allow you to open the garage door manually in the case that the power goes out.

The types of garage doors

Traditionally, the garage doors are made of wood, until today they are still made of wood but together with other various materials. Steel and aluminum are the 2 others commonly used material for making garage door. Aluminum is rather popular as it is light, strong enough and very easy to maintain. The weight of the garage door should be taken into serious consideration. In the event that you need a large garage door so a lightweight door is desirable. A steel tilt up garage door is very easy to open and it can be closed by hand even though it is not as light as the fiberglass door of aluminum. A garage door will have its own opening and closing mechanism. Each kind of garage door will own its mechanism. Some can be designed as an entry door while some are simply the garage door. Among many types, the sectional or roll-up garage door is the most popular type. A single garage door is less expensive, but needs headroom in the garage. They are the one which is called tilt-up or swing-up doors. For almost other types of garage doors, they are automated for operation.

A canopy garage door

A canopy tilt-up door owns a pivoting hinge mechanism which will enable the door to be lifted upward and slid back to the ceiling level inside the garage. A portion of the door will create the small overhang or in other word it is called the “canopy.” This kind is considered as the simplest tilt-up mechanism. This is the type which can help to save space.

A retractable garage door

A retractable tilt-up garage door is operating nearly in the same way as a canopy garage door. One point of difference is that the door is going to retract fully inside the garage at the ceiling level. By doing this way, it is going to occupy more space than a canopy garage door mechanism mentioned above.

A sectional roll-up garage door

The main structure of a sectional roll up garage door is to subdivide the garage door into four or more horizontal sections. With this kind of divisions, the garage door will be enabled to roll up straight into the retracted position therefore no door clearance is needed from outside the garage.

An electric garage door operation mechanism

For an electronic garage door operation, there will be 3 basic types; they are the screw drive, chain drive, and belt drive. The ceiling-mounted electric motor is the major part allowing the electronic mechanism to operate. This motor will be linked to the garage door through a pushing or pulling mechanism to enable the door to close or open. One other kind which does not need the chain, belt or screw to operate is the torsion garage door. As a result, this kind of garage door does not need the overhead tracking and ceiling-mounted box.

For an electronic system, you may not need to purchase a new door. You can install an electronic motor to the door but you need some modification to adapt with the changes. The motor of the electronic garage door system will be stick to the ceiling and it will be operated thanks to electronic system. The motor will be connected to the garage door through the system of belt or chain held in the rail mechanism. Almost motors connected to the garage door will be operated by the remote control.

Of course, it is like all other things that you are using every day, you can not expect that your garage door will function over period without problem. In order to maintain your garage door to operate smoothly, you should keep all technical parts of the garage doors well such as you should clean the tracks, you should lubricate the roller, should check the screws and tighten them in case of need. The springs of the garage door should not be rusty or have bulges. You should check your garage door reversing feature regularly to ensure the safety in operation.




Outdoor sport is always a good solution for keeping fit and healthy but in the summer under the great sun, people should take some below consideration to avoid any kind of disease which can cause by hot flu.

30 minutes is enough for practicing

For normal people playing any kind of outdoor sport, 30 – 45 minutes is enough, when 30 minutes is the best. And for people who would like to lose weight, the time for practicing can be for 40 minutes.

Moreover, running to lose weight in the summer can give you very clear result but if you only focus on doing exercise and forget the eating menu then you can get some trouble. Because in the summer, due to the hot weather and high humidity the calories of the body can be consumed very quickly so if you do not pay attention to that your body can be out of water and the level of blood can go down which can make your immense system be weak.

Drink two glasses of water before practicing

Before practicing 30 minutes, you should drink at least 2 glasses of water to make sure that your body will not be short of water.

If you practice for more than 30 minutes you should drink water with salt.

But drinking water if too much during the practice is not only bad for the blood circulation system, eating mechanism but can affect the heart. Drinking too much water can make the sweat come out more which can cause the case of cramp or convulsive fit.

Moreover, during the time of practice you should take care of eating menu. Normally before doing exercise you should eat something such as fruit or cake to add more energy and calories for the body. After the practice, you should eat more eggs, meat and fish to add more protein for the body.

Choose the right outdoor sport for the summer

Because of the sun in the summer so it means not all outdoor sport can be right for you. If you choose the type of outdoor sport which requires you to stay under the sun for a long time then your skin can be affected.

Some kinds can be suitable for the summer such as jogging or riding a bicycle but only in the morning or late evening when there is no great sun.