If a name can make or break a reputation, how do you explain the popularity of the Bloody Mary, formerly known as the Bucket of Blood or the Red Snapper?

This spicy vodka-and-tomato-juice cocktail, created in the 1920s, has managed to flourish despite its grisly associations. (Its name refers to the battle-happy English Queen Mary I, whose nickname was “Bloody Mary.”) It is now standard cocktail and brunch fare, especially on New Year’s Day; the Bloody Mary is also reputed to cure a hangover, though medical evidence suggests otherwise.

Make a Bloody Mary at home

The easiest way to make a Bloody Mary at home is to open two bottles: one of vodka and one of prepared Bloody Mary mix, available at liquor stores. To find out which Bloody Mary mixes make the best toast to the New Year, we held a taste-off at the Boston-based Professional Bartenders School of New England. The six tasters rated each brand on a scale of 0-10, making 60 a perfect score. Each sample was tasted without vodka (we wanted to be able to read the judges’ handwriting), and brand names were kept secret until the end. Except where noted, the prices ranged from $3.50 to $5 for a 32-ounce bottle of mix.

The Top Score voted

  1. The top score of 40 points went to the Bull & Finch Pub’s mix – a surprise to judges, who assumed this brand was just a touristy “Cheers” tie-in. This mix had a good balance of flavors: “not too hot, with plenty of spice.” Its aftertaste proved pleasant, “not too harsh.” Some found that its super-thick consistency cried out to be thinned with vodka, as the mix reminded them too much of “cocktail sauce.”
  2. There was a second-place tie between Mr. & Mrs. T and Major Peters, which scored 36 points apiece. The ubiquitous Mr. & Mrs. T brand, produced by applesauce giant Mott’s of Stamford, Conn., proved to be a crowd-pleaser. It was the thinnest of the mixes tasted, with a “smooth, refreshing” consistency. Its flavor was “not bad, but not exceptional,” reminding some tasters of V-8 juice, or even a light fra diavolo pasta sauce.
  3. The Major Peters label is covered with a British flag, though the mix is produced in western New York. Some tasters found it “well-balanced” and “the most edible,” but the praise was not unanimous. Those who didn’t like it said it was “too watery” and tasted “like tomato juice that has been left out in the sun too long.”
  4. Bloody Bold, another Connecticut-based brand, landed in fourth place with 33 points. Once tasters got past the thick consistency, they were put off by “too much horseradish,” which made them want to “break out the shrimp cocktail.” Its lack of spices led one judge to comment, “It could be consumed on a date without creating hot breath.”
  5. The devil on the bottle of the Bloody Mary From Hell mix didn’t scare the judges away from giving it the lowest total score of 23. This habanero-chili-spiked mix did prove to be the most incendiary – and the most expensive, at $7.49 for 26 ounces. Tasters, not surprisingly, found it “far, far, far too hot” and “overpoweringly spicy.” Advised one judge, “If you really like hot, this will clear your sinuses. Follow with a generous rinse from the garden hose.”

The Herald’s Bloody Mary mix Taste-off

Leading our panel of judges were Lou Herborg, director of education at the Professional Bartenders School, and Paul C. Mullaney, an instructor and also a bartender at Joy Boston and the Roxy. Joining them were students Derek Sorel, George Cassista and Doug Stump. Bloody Mary aficionado Tom Powers completed our panel.

Herborg suggested that the best Bloody Marys can be found at a bar, because many bartenders and chefs use their own recipes to make a fresh batch each day. They can also adjust the spices and heat level to taste, and use accents such as freshly ground pepper.

Six tasters at the Professional Bartenders School of New England rated mixes on a scale of 0-10, making 60 a perfect score.

In recent years, cocktails can be seen held again and again and a cocktail party is declared as an option to enjoy the early evening. If you are a man who likes to see dressing up, then a cocktail party gives you the perfect occasion of introducing a thirties or twenties theme with many women that are dressed up with nice clothes and many men wearing striped blazers.



Cocktail Style

Do you know what is the main point of the cocktail party? Well, the focal and main point is the bar. I know that a kitchen can be an ideal place to have a party, but I suggest that make the bar in the main reception room. I am listing a few points that must be kept in mind while you host a cocktail party.

  • First of all, you will need many cocktail shakers. Must have a big jug along with a large mixing stick as they will be needed for making cocktails.
  • Lay out a few glasses of different sizes and shapes on separate trays and make them ready for the strength of mixes. Place mineral water, non-alcoholic alternatives, and fruit juices on a separate table.
  • Large bowls of snacks will be needed to place around the room. Don’t forget to have lots of canapes, finger food, very small sandwiches, roll plate and mini quiches.

If you are thinking to provide a morning cocktail party and you know that your guests will go on somewhere from that party for lunch or they need to have some shopping after they enjoyed it, then keep in mind that cocktail party should not be so heavy, it can be light in flavour and avoid making it too much alcoholic. People consider champagne as perennial favorite as their ideal morning drink, and it can be served itself and also you can provide it as a part of a delicious concoction.

Ice is very important and essential for the cocktail party. So, if you are intending to make some fun on any scale then you will need to order ice calling a local delivery service.  If your luck is enough to have a large deep refrigerator then it is easy for you to store the ice in your home and you will have no need to make any order to purchase the ice from any shop or person.

While enjoying a cocktail party, a man who has a business of spin bikes, can promote his business and provide spin bike reviews so that way he can make new customers as well.

Don’t forget to keep a good stock of nice glasses that should be available at the party when needed and that you hire a person at least to serve the guests. Hiring people to serve depends on the size of your party, and hired people should be assigned many tasks such as replenishment of cocktails, washing used glasses, clearing away, and serving some kind of light refreshment.

No matter what time is for your party, it is necessary that you serve some food to your guests came in your party. The main idea of the cocktail party is that some mean and some canapes would be served for the guests. If you offer a little selection of well-made snacks and canapes it is better than you serve the mixture made with many things. If you offer three or four cold canapes and provide one hot it’s commonly enough for any cocktail party, unless you arrange a big party and you invite a lot of people coming from outside your city.

If you are facing some troubledness in providing canapes, you are free to give some of your own food that is your favorite, such as the rolls of smoke salmon that are stuffed with creamed stilton and avocado pear and broiled scallops. If you make a list that would be amazing and endless. There are several recipes books that can be found online and in the market and you can get some ideas by reading them carefully.


A cocktail party takes hardly two or three hours to enjoy where you talk with your friends and meet some colleagues that you have invited to that party. You with your guests can stay together for some time and reconnect and they spend most of their evening with you if they have some more time for enjoyment. When you consider having a small party to enjoy instead of a big party where a lot of drinks, dessert and dinner are needed, then you might be thinking for saving your money. Well, it’s good idea to save the money as well as get some fun having a small cocktail party. The small parties can be your next birthday party, your graduation party, or there a big event is coming. Pick up one of those functions and invite your friend to make some fun.

Classic cocktail party

When we think about a cocktail party, the first thing that comes in our mind is Martini. We can celebrate the martini and the sophistication along with good Martini invitation. If that happens the guests will feel more confidence right from the beginning. Serve the guests with an updated Martini bar and gourmet that should be stuffed with garnishes and olives. You should consider inserting a new and unique twist on the Manhattan, the brandy alexander, and the sidecar for a cocktail restoration.

Custom Cocktail Party

Custom-CocktailIf you are a person who has no interest to show some impressions on others and you have no need to express what you think then there are a few other options as well. Invite your guest to show their opinions about naming and making custom cocktails. If one of your friends loves to have chocolate and vanilla vodka, combine these two for that friend. Try to know what your guests like, so keep your stock accordingly and you will mix up the stuff in no time.

Keep in mind that not all of your guest like to drink alcoholic drinks, so make sure to keep some other drinks that are non-alcoholic, such as sodas and juices.

The ideal setting for drinking rum cocktails is probably nightfall in the tropics around an illuminated swimming pool. You need handsome cricketers in tight white trousers and women with green eye-shadow, a gentle breeze caressing the palm trees, something fishy sizzling on skewers, hollowed-out pineapples with cocktail umbrellas perched in them, fully clothed people tumbling into the pool, naked people tumbling into the pool, no one able to make eye contact the next morning.

Still, you can’t have everything, and after three strong and fruity drinks it didn’t much matter that outside the bar, instead of waves lapping on sand, was the Chalk Farm Road.

It makes sense that rum should produce a state of intoxication that is happier and more carefree, perhaps a bit more reckless, than you reach with other spirits. I like to think this is because of the heat and sun and calypso that the sugar cane grows in, or perhaps it’s the associations with heat and sun and calypso. Either way, there was an atmosphere of escalating cheer in the crammed bar of the West Indian restaurant where I was drinking, and I don’t think it was just my escalating cheer.

First up was the rum punch, which in this instance used an overproof rum (62 per cent) mixed with orange, pineapple and lime juice, Angostura and grenadine, with a quick dandruff of nutmeg on top, and a wedge of pineapple hooked over the rim of the glass.

Very nice, both warming and refreshing – it slipped down almost too easily.

Next came the hurricane: lime juice, passion-fruit syrup and a mixture of dark and white rum. I can’t remember much about this one but I think it was responsible for a 15minute burst of elation. This was followed all too quickly by the colada, which was like pudding, and proved to be the tipping point.

My friend reminisced that at 15 he had been given a colada by an enemy to humiliate him ‘because it’s a gay drink’, but the Dutch courage resulted in a girl taking him to the tennis courts and giving him his first snog.

After this revelation it seemed about time to exit into the cold Camden night and go in search of complex carbohydrates.

Rum cocktails are viewed as a bit rough and colourful to be sophisticated, a bit too friendly with the maraschino cherry, but this is all wrong.

There’s a magic ingredient in the rum cocktail which I think might be the Angostura, Trinidad’s most famous export. It adds a hint of complication, the suggestion of bad juju beneath the sand, sea and tourism. I have in my possession two Angostura cookbooks from the 1980s, produced in the West Indies as a marketing tool. One recipe that leapt out at me is the one for the punch creme cocktail, which I wouldn’t recommend to the England cricket team or anyone else, unless they need building up. Freddie Flintoff should avoid. It combines a dozen eggs with six tins of condensed milk, two of evaporated milk, a lime, a bottle of rum, and bitters to taste. It is only one of several disgusting-sounding concoctions.

Better stick to the classics. Here are some:

  • Planters’ punch 2 oz dark rum 1 oz lime juice teaspoon grenadine dash of Angostura Soda water Stir with plenty of ice in a tall glass.
  • Add more crushed ice and top up with soda water. Decorate with an orange twist. Serve with a straw.
  • Classic rum punch 1 oz pineapple juice 1 oz orange juice 1 oz lime juice 2 dashes Angostura bitters 1 and a half oz dark rum Half oz sugar syrup or grenadine Nutmeg Shake briskly and strain into a cocktail glass.

Grate some nutmeg on top.

Hurricane Juice of half a lime 1 oz Rose’s lime juice 1 oz passion fruit syrup 1 oz pineapple juice Three-quarters oz white rum One and a half oz dark rum Shake over crushed ice in a shaker, strain into a large highball glass over crushed ice, add a lime wedge.

Hot buttered rum Sugar cube 2 oz dark rum boiling water butter Crush the sugar cube in a heat-resistant glass with a pestle. Pour in rum, top up with boiling water, grate cold butter on top.

Tea punch Half bottle Jamaica rum Half bottle cognac Half pound sugar 1 pint of strong tea Juice of two limes Heat a metal punch bowl (perhaps a saucepan as an alternative? ) and into it put the brandy, rum, sugar and lime juice. Set the contents of the bowl on fire, and gradually add the hot tea.

Tom and Jerry I am a little tempted by this old recipe from a 1960s cocktail book: beat separately the yolks and whites of 12 eggs. Beat half a pound of sugar into the yolks together with a tbsp each of powdered cinnamon, cloves and allspice.

Pour in 6 oz dark rum, stirring all the time, and then fold in the egg whites. Ladle a generous serving into a large mug, add 2 oz bourbon, fill up the mug with scalded milk, stirring vigorously, and top with grated nutmeg.

Mixing cocktails is a skillful and highly trained art according to professional bartenders and common people should never be allowed to see what is happening behind the bar. Using the perfect techniques may be necessary for making great cocktails, but getting a lifetime training and magical mixology techniques and powers are for sure not needed. I am listing a few tips for mixing cocktails that will make sure to achieve the best results every time.


Use Small glasses

If you use a large glass to drink it may get warmed up, especially if your drink is without ice and it served without having any coldness in a Martini glass. So, what is an ideal glass? Well, the perfect glass should hold about 5 shots comfortably, which is around 120 ml or 5 fl oz.

Chill the glasses

Chilling the glasses is an ideal idea, so keep the glasses in a fridge and if you can’t do this, just fill them with ice and water simply. If the glasses are chilled it will keep the finished cocktail cool as much as possible. And it will ensure that the taste will be more fantastic from the beginning to the last moment.

Follow the recipes that are recommended

A recommended source should be followed for the cocktail recipe. You can search google to find a quality website or quality book that provide a perfect recipe to work with. Whether you are a beginner or you have a growing home bar, always search for a good ideas for cocktails with their ingredients and your home is the best place to begin.

Best Ingredients should be used

There are many things in your life that you get and all of them depends on what you have put in and this is a very clear fact. So for the cocktails, make sure to choose the best ingredients you hands can get them, such as quality branded spirits, fresh fruit, branded mixers, and freshly squeezed juices. If you use fresh juice and fresh fruit it will give the drink an amazing difference.

Measure Ingredients carefully


It’s possible that professional bartenders are able to pour cocktail ingredients freely straight into the tin. This type of approach is hard to get correct and it may not seem quite as cool and right, but if you measure the ingredients you will be able to achieve better results. A quality measuring jigger should be used that allows the user to pour quarter, half, and eighth measures perfectly.

Holding bottles by their neck while pouring

When you pour the ingredients into the mixing tin, you should hold the bottle by its neck. It’s a right way because you will see that you have great control over the bottle and also it make the pouring quickly easier exactly the correct measure.

Much ice should be used

The mixing tin should be filled with a lot of ice before shaking and shaking must be done after putting the ice immediately. If you put the ice at the beginning before adding other ingredients, it will give the ice chance  to dilute and melt the cocktail.

Don’t forget to shake well

Shaking should be continuously done until you feel that is enough and condensation begins to form on it. A book named Savoy cocktail contains this sentence Shake as hard as possible. Shaking well is required because you are going to wake it up, not going to send it to sleep.

Testing before serving is necessary because of few reasons:

  • Fresh juices and fruits are different in sweetness, so finding a tune may be required and you may need to add some extra sugar or extra juice to get the right balance.
  • If you check the taste before you serve, you will feel more comfortable in serving the drink.
  • Checking the taste can be done using a straw so that way you will siphon some drink to check its taste. So, first of all, dip the straw in your drink, the dry end should be held under your finger, then move that straw to your mouth, and after that release some drops of the drink for taste.

Cocktail-Mixing-TechniquesGarnishing with subtlety is also a perfect idea. So, you can use simple cocktail picks and fresh fruits to garnish the cocktails. Don’t forget to keep it as simpler as you can, but the results wold be seen very stunning. Remember, garnishing the cocktails will make the party more enjoyable.

Whether an informal party is being planned by you with your closest friends, or you are planning a formal corporate gathering, to make the party successful, the mixing techniques and food are important factors both for you and for the people who are invited. Remember, the key to best party food and mixing is a style that you choose to present them, and that how the food is easy to eat. If the guests see dipped strawberries and shrimp scampi among the other tasty foods, they will be really impressed and happy to be at the party and for sure they will come again to enjoy more with you.

The menu of any cocktail party and its choices are unlimited you can tailor the presentation of food to fit any venue. You can decide how to use these techniques and make the food more amazing for your guests. Actually, the most important thing of a cocktail party and an event is the cocktail, so you have to decide what alcoholic and liquor beverages suit the formality and them of the party. If the party relates to corporate events or wedding, it may need wine and champagne, and if the party is less formal such as adult birthday party, anniversaries, promotions, and charity benefits, you may need to arrange some mixed drinks and a few other cocktails, made for events.

The techniques that I have listed above can be used also if you are planning to give a great gift for any occasion. You can personalize cocktail sets for a great gift.

This New Year’s Eve, keep your corks in the Henckel, skip the mulled wine and throw that “rum-flavoured” supermarket eggnog down the sink. Your drinking resolution for 2015 is gin.

Producers and consumers alike are discovering that gin is no longer just “the other white spirit,” but a drink for all seasons and foods.

Gin may seem just a summer thing – chunks of ice in a tall glass, fizzy tonic, wafting lime essence – but its woodsy, citrus-and-spice aromas pair perfectly with winter food.

Traditionally, juniper berries give gin its distinctive flavouring, often joined by lemon or orange peel, coriander, anise or licorice, and other botanicals such as cinnamon or cassia. But as gin appreciation has matured – with consumers increasingly discovering imported and premium products – distillers are responding with intriguingly layered gins.

Hand-craft spirits such as Bluecoat American Dry Gin from Philadelphia Distilling and Brokers London Dry from London, England, offer experimental and widely divergent tastes, broadening the aroma profile with unusual citrus essences, nutmeg, orris root and cardamom.

On Vancouver Island, wine producer Winchester Cellars is making its first foray into distilling with a soon-to-be-launched gin. “A good gin comes at you at least three different ways,” says vintner Ken Winchester (invoking a wine perspective). The juniper should appear up front, with citrus and spice mid-palate, and a savoury finish.

Bartenders and mixologists are finding inspiration for inventive new cocktails and Canadian consumers are lapping it up. Since 2000, according to Spirits Canada, sales volume of high-end brands is up by more than 50 per cent, compared to a 5 per cent drop for those lower-priced.

Martiniboys.com editor-in-chief Don Ellis credits “bartender wizardry” with driving gin adoption in Toronto. “You just have to be invited into the gin world. And then there you are,” he says.

At the Bengal Lounge in Victoria’s Empress Hotel, manager Jennifer Woppenkamp says the Bengal Mojito is a favourite. Created by 40-year bartending veteran Tony Castillo, the drink swaps gin for rum, and introduces ginger to complement the traditional mint and lime.

Call it the maturing of the drinkers’ palate. Brock Shepherd of Toronto’s Rice Bar, who designed the Royal Ontario Museum’s signature cocktail the Pink Trillium (using Plymouth gin, Cointreau, pink grapefruit juice and a little fresh ginger) says, “When your palate grows up from vodka and the sweet drinks, you start to appreciate bitter flavours.”

You don’t need to go out to make like the hip new generation of gin drinkers.

The mix of those foresty spices with juniper’s heady perfume makes a grand match for game meat. So instead of a Cabernet-Syrah blend with your traditional roast, opt for a classic Bronx Cocktail with bison tartare. The Bronx – made with Bombay Sapphire, sweet and dry vermouth and a splash of orange juice – brings out the earthy sweetness of the raw meat.

To warm up your year-end cocktail party, muddle some ginger root in the bottom of your glass, add a splash of pomegranate juice and a squeeze of lemon, and you have the base of a Ginger Winter Tonic. Tanqueray, with its bold balance, works well in this drink, which pairs well with satay, winter rolls (seasonally updated Vietnamese summer rolls) and steamed dumplings.

Hendrick’s, a Scottish import with perky florals and fragrant cucumber notes, makes a nice Gibson (three or four parts gin to one part dry vermouth) and pairs beautifully with freshly shucked oysters. Topped with a little sherry-vinegar mignonette granita, the oysters’ brininess and sweet flesh mirror the old-school cocktail’s pickled pearl onion garnish.

And what’s more festive than white on white?


  • The Salad
  • A good cocktail with light snacks or pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres. Use Hendrick’s or Bluecoat gin.


  • 10 parts gin
  • 1 part cucumber juice (blend a cucumber and strain)
  • A dash of simple syrupbar syrup. basically boiled sugar and water
  • A dash of fresh lime juice
  • A pinch of ground cardamom
  • 4 to 5 drops of maple syrup
  • 6 to 7 fresh basil leaves


  • Muddle the basil with a pinch of salt. Shake all ingredients over ice. Strain, and serve with a twist of lemon.
  • Gin Sazerac
  • Perfect for midnight on New Year’s Eve (champagne goes flat). Use Gordon’s, Beefeater or Tanqueray gin.
  • What you need
  • 3 parts gin
  • A splash of Triple Sec
  • 3 to 4 drops of Pernod
  • Shake all ingredients and serve with a twist of lemon.
  • White G’night
  • As the snow starts falling in the wee hours, reach for a bowl of chili and this “goodnight” cap. Use Broker’s or Hendrick’s gin.

What you need

  • 5 parts gin
  • 1 part good-quality sake
  • A drop of Tabasco sauce
  • 6 to 7 fresh mint leaves

What you do

Muddle the mint with a pinch of sugar. Shake all ingredients over ice and serve with a slice of pickled ginger.

A cocktail machine is able to bring more enjoyment while serving the drinks and much fun can be enjoyed for both you and your guests. You can hire a cocktail machine completely with delicious mixtures and tools in a range of cocktail flavors and different fruits in order to give a prepared supply of drinks for your valuable guests. This way is convenient and simple to serve mocktails and cocktails.


Cocktail machines are not hard to use, you can easily use them because all you need to do is adding the alcohol, pouring in the flavored cocktail mixture and then the final job is that you should plug your machine into the power supply. Any person who needs a drink will be able to enjoy by coming up and serving himself. It means that you are not required to being active and anyone else doesn’t need to stay around drinks to mix and serve and there is no need to make sure that every guest has his glass full. Instead, you are free to relax and get enjoyed with your party.

There are many flavors that can be used in cocktail machines:

  • These flavors include cocktail flavors as well as fruit flavors, so you have the option to choose what kind of drinks are needed to serve.
  • The alcohol can be added into the mixture, so you are free to decide the strength of the cocktails, you decide how much strength they should have. If you like you can leave out alcoholic altogether and mocktails can be served instead.
  • The other option for you is that you can add the alcohol later at the evening time, so if you see there are a lot of children around serve the mocktails or fruit slushies for them. Alcohol can be provided once the younger guests and children have gone to bed or home.

Like this way of enjoying the party? Well, you should like because it ensures that all the drinks are available anytime and that nobody has to wait for a fresh batch of drinks and cocktails to be ready and prepared. Most of cocktail machines are able to hold between 150 to 250 servings, and if needed, you can always refill them.

A perfect choice of your guests

Not only these machines can serve the guests, but they can keep the drinks in good and cool condition, and they can make them the perfect choice of your guests for a summer party. As well as making sure that a lot of refreshing drinks are available, the usage of cocktail machines means that you have no need to worry because of running out of ice during the party since the facility of freezing the drinks is available already, so no need to purchase extra ice.

The quality is great

machineThe cocktails made by these machines have standard quality, so don’t worry about that your guests will go home ending the party and drinking the low quality and weak mixed drinks. There is no chance to get the poor drinks by these machines, use them freely. Another benefit of using these machines is that you can save your money since nobody will be able to have a stronger drink for himself, using up all the expensive spirits, so as the result, the cost per drink will become very low. So, let me say that using these machines can save your hard earned cash.

If you did not purchase the machine and just hired it from a company, you will need to send it back when the party ends. You will have no need to clean up the cocktail shakers and messy bottles. If you hire a cocktail machine, it will reduce significantly the amount of work that would be involved in arranging a party.

Although, using the cocktail machines are beneficial for you, but you should know the basic of cocktails and being a familiar with them is very important. Things that must be known are blending, mudding, mixing, and shaking. The methods of doing all these jobs are very simple when learned properly, but if they done using wrong ways cocktail could be dangerous and disastrous. So, make sure to learn the ways correctly and then apply all of them. Make sure to learn the hints available on the internet and consider guidance before intending to the procedure.

Apart from the cocktails having fruit or eggs, which must be blended, other cocktails are able to be either shaken or stirred. Do you know that what is the difference in the terms of effect between shaking and stirring? Well, the difference comes in coldness and cloudiness. Shaken cocktail will create a more cloudy in appearance and colder than if stirred. You will see that stirred cocktail is clearer in appearance. I suggest you that must follow this method which has been described above because there is no doubt that other alternative ways will have been applied and tried, but the suggested method is proven and the experts know that it’s the most successful method.

Blending is also important

You will find many recipes that explain that the cocktail ingredients should be kept into a blending liquidizer or a jug, for some seconds so that way they will be blended with each others and become one thing. Don’t forget that if you shake all of them manually you can not get the same result as you got by placing the ingredients into either a jug or a liquidizer. If you blend them using this way, it will give a cocktail a consistency and regularity as a result of the fresh air incorporated into the cocktail. Don’t forget to know that the recipes having eggs, and the recipes containing fresh fruit, are needy to be blended properly. Make sure to blend in the shortest possible time and consider it as an important secret. Avoid the cocktail to be a watery slush by over blending. Learn another helpful hint that avoid putting all cubes of ice in the blender.

  • Beautiful home décor with plants

Each different type of vegetation in the beautiful décor will appear posture and different styles. For example there are plants with pretty adorable look, with plants primitive rustic look, with plants look enthusiastic liberal, whereas plants look simple, elegant. So when choosing plants, in addition to the owner’s interests, also need to consider the temperament of plants varies with the style of the house, if not, the plants will not be selected to do with housewares and would be counterproductive.

Such palm-style suits with bold breath countryside, small leaves and twigs vegetation drooping makes people feel like being in the garden, in collaboration with fabric flowers and soft can create feelings warm. On the other hand, plants with delicate features such as yucca, spiritual spread style suit modern minimalist style.

  • Beautiful home décor with curtains

In the beautiful décor, window curtain is an important factor in creating beautiful environments and homes. Designs and different colors of the bedroom window curtains can create an atmosphere different homes, the bedroom window blinds can choose the style of the window. Monitoring floor window fabric art and cheesecloth makes bedroom looks warmer, if the light is not good cover, you can do an additional layer of light fabric cover.

Windows should choose products minimizing window decorations, which will make the room elegant atmosphere. Choosing design scope and its color is quite large, and very comprehensive functions, may light shading, insulation, sound insulation.

  • Beautiful home décor with lighting system

Installation of lighting system is a secret in the beautiful decor of the interior. You can choose mellow brightness and white incandescent lighting for baths and body hygiene. Besides you must install independent lighting to supplement locally. Local lighting in the mirror can choose some lamps to increase warm, spacious and fresh as fluorescent lamps.

Flower-black, darkness will certainly not be beautiful, so at night, if you want to relax in the rooftop garden, you need to have the help of warm light. Hanging a large bulb is an outdated way and would ruin the romantic atmosphere. Instead, the floor lamp in flower beds or lamps beside stone road small or medium lighting can create a romantic atmosphere.

Many sample rooms and gorgeous living space with beautiful home decor will bring creative fun experience for journey to find your ideal home. We hope that this sharing will be useful for you.


Electric smokeless grill Panasonic HD-889 is manufactured according to advanced technology venture in Taiwan. It is made up of two main parts.  Kitchen with large capacity: 2000W with 6 modes adjust different temperature, you can adjust many different power levels suitable for the user.

The machine is made of steel with exterior insulation coated steel layer nonstick 1mm 1 helps food like meat, fish, shrimp, vegetables, … are not rubbing the grill. And it is totally easy for scouring after use.


Today the use of kitchen appliances in stainless steel Lingo has increasingly more common, because these instruments are often made of stainless steel that has shiny appearance, so users always feel clean and peace of mind when used during cooking and dining. Because of this reason that in the process we also need to purchase very carefully to avoid buying poor quality goods.

  1. Choosing to buy a microwave

On the market today there are many different kinds of ovens, but how to choose a microwave oven that fit price, features, capacity and capacity utilization is not simple.

Microwave equipment is quite common in modern home; it not only helps reheat or defrost food but also saves cooking time effectively. In particular, families with young children, the simple cooking or heating milk, porridge, flour. The microwave will be more convenient for the mother. There are 2 types of ovens:

There are 2 types of ovens microwaves are mechanic ovens and electronic ovens

Mechanic microwave uses the knob to adjust the power and time, this kind of oven less featured and easy to use, suitable for the elderly and families with small children.

Electronic microwave display surface of the function automatically controls the cooking program when you choose the time, capacity or foods. This type of incinerator complex to use but has many features, suitable for families with various cooking needs.

Currently on the market, there is a kind microwave combined grill function, but this is only secondary function, high efficiency not grilled, but if used in the family, the choice is more functional reactors because of it is very convenient but remember to read the directions carefully before use.

Microwave combining with grill function will help to enrich your family meal and bring the happy time to every member of the family.

Steps to buy:

Learn information: before buying a microwave you go online reference information on price, brand, category, power consumption or the volume of use to choose accordingly.

Find out information before purchasing oven to understand information before choosing to buy a microwave

Identify cost: there are many types of ovens with different prices, so before you buy you should set the cost limit for being confused, wondering before hundreds of products furnished.

Cost planning will avoid confusion when buying. Planning before purchasing will help you to avoid embarrassment when buying

Features: You should consider the demand of the family to buy appropriate plan. If only for domestic use, you should choose a microwave with grill function, it will be very convenient when you organize a small party, space-saving kitchen and enrich family meals.

Microwave saves your time cooking and your effort too

Capacity fit: choose devices with appropriate capacity and appropriate cooking mode will help you save energy. Furnaces have greater capacity, higher capacity, more power consuming. To select the appropriate capacity oven you should consider the number of members in the family. Popular is the 17 liter microwave oven, 20 liter, 23 liter and 28 liter capacity 600-1.500W. If you have family members should be selected from 4-5 the furnace with the capacity of 20-23 liters (capacity 800-1000W). If a professional cook, can choose one that has a larger capacity; the type 17 liters is suited only for families with few members.

Select the power, capacity, functional fit user needs

Some notes for purchasing

When buying a microwave, many families often prefer to choose a stainless steel furnace shell for durable and shiny look it, but reality often leave shells blurriness hard to clean and prone to rust. For this type of bark powder coating ovens are capable of good heat resistance, durability and variety of colors to choose from.

Also, when buying a microwave you also need to consider other characteristics as well as important: the control panel, touchscreen, knob, safety lock feature (essential for families with small children)

– Use the magnet test marbles, snuffle kind is brewing much iron, poor quality, very quickly rust.

– Buy stamps, label manufacturers, with product warranty.

– Stainless steel used for cooking should choose a symbol 304, stainless steel products used for cooking should not choose 430. When shopping, ask the seller to recommend the right type.

– With 2-3 layers thick bottom to snap onto the bottom without echoes, even thin bottom will create a louder sound. Some manufacturers make products but create a thin stainless steel plating on the bottom layer to silencer.

All above is some instruction about purchasing some smart furniture for you beloved kitchen. If you can take advantage of them, it will take you less time to prepare meal for your family and bring more diverse dishes. However, you have to consider carefully before purchasing because now there are a lot of types in the market with the diverse in size, price and function. We hope that this post is helpful for you.

Besides the design trend of European style, Asian style décor is as well as popular in modern home design. Check out 6 impressive home decoration in oriental style below.

Here are some ways to design and decorate the house in oriental style characterized by Chinese architecture with basic materials such as bamboo, ceramic, objects, colors and light reflected culture of the Orient.

  1. Lay Buddhist statue is part of the cultural features of Asia, formed from the 5th century BC. That is why many of the architectural design of the East displays indoor statue. Buddhist statue in the presentation is a great way to create oriental architecture in housing. However, whether you have to be a Buddhist or not, you should still understand clearly some certain rules must be respected when you want to display in Buddha house.
  2. Use decorations from ceramic materials, bamboo mat and bamboo blinds. Pottery, bamboo mat and bamboo blinds are the following items of Asians life from ancient and widely used in Asian countries. In addition, the objects themselves are also decorative beauty exudes gentle, elegant as the main character of the East. This layout objects in the house, you need a subtle eye, knowledge about Eastern culture to arrange things together harmonious.
  3. Combining paintings, statues and lighting design to create rooms in Asian style, craigslist Yorokobi on HGTV architecture combines warm yellow color paintings and statues carved stone Buddha statue. Despite the use of furniture and other modern electrical equipment, the items selected on the principle of simple, elegant with deep brown color, cream, green pineapple should not affect space under sharp oriental room.
  4. Hanging silk painting is wildly used. Silk paintings are part of home decoration characteristic of the East. Silk paintings existed in Chinese culture, Japan and some other Eastern countries. Techniques of silk painting canvases Japanese people very nicely and it has begun to surface in the West in the early 20th century. Today, forms of home decorating with silk painting remains strong and promotes its strong capability in creating Asian style of housing. In the modern design style, you can combine the use of some antiques, mural or decal with silk painting creates an intimate relationship created specifically for the space style.
  5. Making bamboo wall is very unique. Bamboo wall brings nature and cool to room space. Also, the straight bamboo stick and put together can bring a modern flair and no different color and beauty of Western furniture. Combining space with bamboo walls and other decorations like statues, bamboo really helps room impressive traits of Asian style.
  6. Create a space accents. Like with any design style other living space, a space must have accents. The highlight could be the tea table, paintings or mosaics on the walls or hanging painting. In Eastern culture, red symbolizes power, emotion and passion. This dark color is the symbol of the sun and energy-related life. Therefore, red is frequently used to create accents for Asian space.

Cocktail is an art in bar. And of course how to make a cocktail according to available recipe can not be as easy as it appears. Following the recipe is the best way to get success but sometimes you need more skills to be a good home bartender. The following will guide you how to make and serve a perfect cocktail at home to offer to your guests. However, during your making, you can invent of any other ways to suit your own and your guest taste and preference. It is no limit in this case.

A proper amount of alcohol should be used: You should be keen on the components of the cocktail, you can make it a little bit different by changing the ratio of alcohol drink but you must be keep the balance otherwise you can create a gross injustice. You can be in the case of making your cocktail too strong and even undrinkable.

Pay attention to your guest: You should know your favorite taste of your guest. You can remove some elements if your guest do not like rather than be loyal to the recipe which your guest will not willing to drink.

Use the garnish: Garnish is the element which can help to dress up the cocktail because of its coloring and flavoring but you should control the ratio added in. You can also use the oils to flame the cocktail. In some party, they use garnish as a snack before or after finishing the cocktail.

Ice: You know that your cocktail could not be perfect without ice. However, there can be several kinds of ices which can be added such as crushed ice, large cubes or small cubes ice or large spheres, etc. Of course, each kind of ice will work well in different kind of cocktail. The ice aims to cool the cocktail and dilute the drink depending on its shape. Ice can work as a balancing agent which will contribute to the best flavor cocktail.

Use of herb: You can use herb as ingredient or decorative item. Herd can help to keep the balance of the drinks. But how much you can use herb in a cocktail is rather a matter. If you add too many herbs then you can feel it like a vegetable dish or salad rather than a cocktail.

Use the correct glassware: You know that each kind of glassware will be used for specific purpose. The shape and design of a glass will decide the type of beverage you are drinking, especially when it comes to drinking cocktails.  Remember to use a clean and fresh glass otherwise you can not observe the natural color and flavor of the cocktail.

Use bitters: Some people may hate bitter agent but you can not make a Manhattan without Angustura. You can use some other modifying agents to balance the bitters but bitters are known to add a level of flavor that the cocktail drink will require.